I stay stoned on her love

I stay stoned on her love, all the time!!!!

I can’t escape it or find a reason for it. It must be Gods blessing again, pouring His love upon me.

She is the essence of love that makes me, me, God given. God ordained.

She is my rock her on Earth, my fortress, my end to end it all, as Christ give to me, I give to her, she gives to me, and the circle is complete.

I praise God she found me and I was there, ready to have the one He created for me.

We know not what tomorrow brings, so we live life by faith that our God always has our best interest at heart.

But I know one truth with certainty…My love for the the way she loves me will forever burn in my soul.

No one understands me but her, Christ, Father and His glorious Holy Spirit. And I pray we will soar together in this lifetime and throughout all of eternity.


Watch over my beloved wife
Keep her safe
Sing songs of love to her soul
Fill her heart
Renew her with health and strength
Hold her steady
Inspire her mind with hope
Guide her footsteps
Bless her day with happiness and laughter
Thank you Father. Amen

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