White Boy Named Leroy

Grandpa had a great job. Worked and retired for the same Company after 55 years.

His sons were tough. Charles, Harry Junior, Melvin, and Leroy. One daughter, Judy.

To my moms mother, Grandma. To her, Matilda, I was always Willy.

They are all gone now. My mom and dad and Judy still lives, perhaps Charlie, but all the others, passed on.

And so it goes, those before these people I do not know and the second to third generation after me will not know one thing about me. I find it all very strange. Time. We are here for such a very short time. I know my mother and my kids know my mother but their kids? Not really. She will die, then I will die then my children will die, then all about mom will be forgotten. And I too will follow into theĀ  forgotten.

But I have peace. I have been given a glimpse of the hereafter. I will be reunited with the lost souls who I once knew and it will be so good.

“Every morning I wake up and look down at my feet. If I do not see a tag on my toe then I rejoice, for I know I have another day to try to make things right.” My Dad








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