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Why all the hate and killling God?

I was praying yesterday. Well, really just talking. I tend to do that a lot, talking to God. I operate a forklift at the Coca-Cola production and distribution center in Fort Worth and I have a lot or free thinking time.

We distribute over 350 different skews of product in our sales area and it’s impossible to produce it all, we make stuff Dallas doesn’t make, or Houston, San Antonio, Abi...

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Red Letter

My Favorite Bible Verse

I called my Dad at Thanksgiving and also spoke to Carrie, my Sister.

Carrie thought it would be neat if we all gave her our favorite Bible verse and let Dad pick one, that we would all be inspired knowing we are thinking about that one verse as a group. Friends are welcome to respond and I’ll tag my other brothers and sisters, but do not feel bad if you do not participate...

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