2016 IRA Portfolio 1

2016 Dividend Tracker IRA Portfolio #1
I’m currently following two portfolio strategies in my Fidelity IRA.

The High-Yield Dividend Champions Strategy (*) picks the best 10 companies from the Dividend Champions list,
and the Dogs of the Dow Strategy (++) picks the 10 highest yielding Dow stocks.

My goal is to eventually own shares in 13-16 out of the 20 Companies.
When a holding gets to a profit margin I feel is adequate I sell and buy another.

> Coca-Cola share accumulation through Employeer 401K

Position Sold At A Profit or Loss
Coca-Cola KO 987 $125.19   $ $296 $125.19 $125.19 $313 $125.19 $125 $329 $19 $341 $1,281
ED 30
Corp *
VFC 38
Community Trust* CTBI 54 $16.74 $16.74 $16.74 $17.28  $67.50
Price T Rowe* TROW 50 _____ _____ ____ $27.00 $27.00
Universal Pictures * UVV 46  
ORI 81 $15.19 $15.19 $15.19 $15.19 $60.76
Altria* MO 32 ____ $18.08 $18.08 $19.52 $55.68
Target* TGT 31  ___ $18.60 $18.60 $37.20
AT&T* T 84 ____ ____ ____ ____
Phizer++ PFE 61 ____ $18.30 $18.30 $36.60
Verizon++ VZ 40 _____ _____ _____ $23.10 $23.10
Silver SLVO 62 $6.76 $7.97 $9.68 $4.99 $8.13 $7.50 $11.51 $16.48 $7.29 $6.93 $3.79 $5.62 $96.65
Starwood Prop STWD 73  ___ ___ ___ $35.04 $35.04
Pimco Income PTY 110 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ $14.30 $33.00 $47.30 $14.30 $57.20
Triplepoint TPVG 184 ___ ___ $66.24 $66.24 $132.48
RenovaCare RCAR 440
North Atlantic Drilling NADL 30
Pacific Coast Oil ROYT 100
Seadrill SDRL 100
EMR 62 $29.45 $29.45 $29.45 $29.76 $118.11 $487 
& Payne
HP 46 $31.63 $31.63 $32.20 $32.20 $127.66 $755.35 
Caterpiller++ CAT 36 ____ $27.72 $27.72 $55.44 $504
Querstar* STR 127 $27.94 $27.94 $55.88 $8.90
Chevron* CVX 24 $25.68 $25.68 $51.36 $55.45
Intel++ INTC 56 $14.56 $14.56 $29.12 $240.36
Verizon++ VZ 43 $24.30 $24.30  $48.60 $467.23 
Cisco ++ CSCO 74 $19.24 $19.24 $189.03 
Eaton Vance* EV 56 $14.84 $14.84 $263.27 
Price T Rowe* TROW 41 $130.09
UHT 48 $30.96 $30.96 $110.75
AT&T ++ T 89 $42.72 $369.45
Walmart* WMT 59 $29.91 $29.91 $505.85
Querstar * STR 116 $25.52 $299.50
Monthly Dividend Totals $46.65 $67.02 $158.4 $350.3 $66.86 $144.45 $359.32 $44.20 $225.4 $422.2  $41.19 $562.7 $2,489
Dividend YTD $46.65 $113.67 272.10 $622.4 $689.2 $833.7 $1,193 $1,237 $1,462 $1,884 $1,926 $2,489
Dividend Monthly Average $46.65 $56.84 $90.70 $155.6 $137.85 $138.95 $170.4 $154.6 $162.5 $188.4 $175.2 $207.4
Deposits  $500  $500.00
End Of Month Balance $24918 $25787 $28068 $28850 $28518 $30288 $30682 $31091 $31423 $32284 $32954 $34790 $
Total Profit On Sales $4,377

Trade Diary – (Current monies deposited into Fidelity IRA via 401K rollovers and deposits =  $29,764) (Excludes Employer 401K balance  (KO Stock/Bond Fund) 

Jan 8: Mr Scott’s Dividend Champions Strategy, has one turnover, CTBI, with proceeds to purchase MO. CTBI is in the red for me, will hold till it goes green.

Feb 8: Mr Scott’s List has one turnover, WMT, with the proceeds to purchase EV.

Feb 24: Sold WMT * for a 14.67% profit. Sold 59 shares at $66.48.

Feb 25/26: With the WMT proceeds: Bought 74 shares of CSCO ++ at $26.33 per share. Bought 32 shares of MO * at $61.45 per share.

Mar 8: Mr. Scott’s List has two turnovers, STR and TGT, with the proceeds to purchase T and TROW.

Mar 11: Sold T ++ for a 9.65% profit. Sold 89 shares at $38.46.

Mar 14: With the T proceeds: Bought 58 shares of INTC ++ at 31.65 per share.  Bought 56 shares of EV * at $31.60 per share.

Mar 16: Sold STR * for a 6.31% profit. Sold 116 shares at $24.95.

Mar 17: Used the STR* proceeds: Bought 41 shares of TROW* at $71.30 per share…

1st Quarter Update: The first three months generated $1,446.40 in total profits. My wife’s IRA generated $617.41 in dividends, for a grand total of $2,063.81 or $688 per month.

Apr 4th: Sold UHT* for a small profit.

Apr 8th: No turnover with Mr Scott’s List

Apr 15th: Used UHT proceeds to purchase CAT, 36 shares at $74.59 each.

May 8th: One turnover with Mr Scott’s List. Sell TROW and buy STR.

May 10th: Sold TROW for a small profit.:

May 11th: Bought STR, 127 shares at $25.04.

June 5th: One turnover with Mr Scott’s List. Sell ADM and buy TGT. I don’t own ADM yet so I sold EV for a 15.4% profit and bought TGT for $68, which is off it’s 52 week high of $85.

June 7th: There are two turnovers in the Dogs of the Dow Strategy. I want to own all the small Dogs. CAT and CSCO is replaced by KO and PFE. I placed an order today to hopefully execute tomorrow; sell CSCO. The sale will generate a 10.01% profit, proceeds to buy PFE or MRK. Hold CAT, a 3.01% return is not enough? Wait and see what the stock does, perhaps sell at 5% return…

June 8th: Sold CSCO for a profit. Placed order to buy PFE.

June 9th: Bought 61 shares of PFE at $35.06.

June 15th: Opened a Vanguard IRA in order to purchase an OTC stock RCAR, RenovaCare Inc. The stock sells now for $2.45 and could go to $30, so says the Guru  Bill Mathews in his The Cheap Investor Newsletter. We’ll see Bill. Good luck to us, if it’s a winner I’ll be a subscriber at $197 per year!!!

2nd Quarter Update: My portfolio has generated $833.72in dividends and $1,867.94 in stocks sold, for a total of $2,701 in total profits, $450 per month.  Add that to Cindy’s IRA dividends and we received $3,958, or $660 per month.

July 5th: Sold VZ for a 19.76% profit. I feel it is time to transition the Dogs Strategy out and bring in a different approach. When Phizer, Intel and Caterpillar hit a profit threshold of 10% I’ll be selling. But you never know, I’ll always monitor the Dow Dogs looking for a steal…since they always go up and down like a slinky.

July 5th: Two turnovers with Mr Scott’s List. Sell CVX and XOM and buy CTBI and TROW.  I don’t own XOM and never sold CTBI last time it came off the list. Currently do not hold three-of-ten stocks on the new list, TROW, EV, and T. These three are at all-time highs and I don’t see enough growth or dividends to warrant a purchase,

July 6th: Used half my cash balance to purchase 73 shares of Starwood Property Trust (STWD), an mReit.

July 7th: Bought 110 shares of PIMCO Corporate and Income Opportunity Fund (PTY), Corporate Debt Obligations.

July 8th: Sold CVX for a small profit.

July 11th: Bought 184 shares of Triplepoint Venture Growth BDC (TPVG).  Business development company specializing investments in growth stage. It also provides debt financing to venture growth space companies.

July 29th: Bought another 226 shares of RCAR.

Aug 8th: One turnover with Mr Scott’s List. Sell EV and replace with CSVI. Don’t own EV. Three stocks on the list I do not own are TROW, T, and CSVI.

Sept 2nd: Sold INTC for a 13.3% profit. It fell off the Dogs list and is replaced with VZ. I had sold VZ back in July when it hit $56, it is now back to $52. I’ll buy and sell these Dogs of the Dow as they bounce up and down and hope to snag a dividend or two along the way….

Sept 20th: STR merged with another Company and paid a $25 per share buy-out. I bought in at $25.04 but with the special dividend I ended up ahead, plus I got two quarterly dividends. Proceeds to buy TROW if I can get it at $66.50.

Sept 26th: Bought 50 shares of TROW at $66.50 each.

Third Quarter Update: Portfolio continues to trend up in value. Nine month average of $166 per month in dividends and $459 per month when adding profits from the sale of stocks. When adding Cindy’s portfolio dividends we come to a total of $690 per month.

Oct 7th: One turnover with Mr. Scott’s List. STR came off last month due to a merger. Replace with UVV. I own 8 of 10 on the list leaving T and UVV. Sold CAT for a 19.45% profit and bought T, 84 shares at $38.75 each.

Nov 9th: One turnover with Mr. Scott’s List.  Sell CSVI and buy EV. I’ve yet to buy EV and UVV but own positions in the other 8. Hoping Cindy finds a job this month, really would like to make another deposit before year end.

Dec 2nd: Sold HP for a 26.4% profit and bought UVV with half my cash balance.

Dec 8th: There is turnover in three positions this month with Mr. Scott’s List. Selling are CTBI, EMR, EV. And buying VFC, ED, and KO.

I did not own EV and EMR is paying it’s Dividend Friday so I’ll sell it and CTBI Monday and then buy VFC and ED. I already own a lot of KO stock in my 401k and I sold HP even though it’s still on the list. Selling HP, CTBI, and EMR will generate a near $1,758 profit.

Dec 12th: Sold EMR for a $487 profit and bought VFC and ED. Waiting for CTBI’s dividend.

Dec 26th: I made this tracker on the 10 stocks Mr. Scott’s strategy picks every month. I don’t always sell and buy immediately upon the monthly release of the new list and there is usually at least one swap every month. This will help me see at a glance what the new equities are, what I own, and what needs to be sold.

Forth Quarter Update: 2016 was a great year. I rolled over an old 401k into this IRA at the very end of 2014. Mr. Scotts Dividend Champion strategy is a proven winner. I sold 14 Companies for a profit of $4,377 and received dividends of $2,489 for a total of $6,866 or an average of $572 per month. The dividends alone averaged $207. The Coke stock is in my 401k, I consider the dividend income here, but it is not part of this IRA, or the portfolio balance.

I wasn’t able to make a large contribution this year, still replenishing our cash reserves after making a $28,000 cash purchase of property at the lake.

Cindy’s IRA generated $3,225.05, or $265 monthly average, in dividends. That gives us a combined total, in just dividends, of $5,714, or $476 monthly. If I add the profit of the 14 equities I bought and sold the total is $10,091, or $840 monthly average.


Name Of Company Ticker Own Need To Sell Pending Dividend
 VF Corp  VFC  YES
 Consolidated Edison  ED  YES
 Coca-Cola Company  KO  YES
 Old Republic  ORI  YES
 Target  TGT  YES
 Altria Group  MO  YES
 Price T Rowe  TROW  YES
 Helmerich Payne  HP  NO
 Universal Pictures  UVV  YES
 CTBI  YES  YES  1/3/17